Spencer, Poster Boy for the Marin County Trash Summit


Trash Summit was Inspiring & Inspirational for our Prince of Recycle Pick

Spencer is our pick for the Recycle Prince of the Year, we are happy that you met him and his Mom, Lisa Nuss, at the Trash Summit! Every morn, he’s up early, to reconfigure trash in our cans, as well as the SB Community Center. Trash sorting in the Recycle Containers, picking up debris both human and environmental on the street. Afterwards, he joins our guests at the breakfast tables(3 of them), introducing himself, telling them about the need to protect the environment grounds and streets by being aware of their discards. He offers to bus their breakfast plates, sorting and depositing the leftovers, in the appropriate receptacles, teaching all the importance of paying attn to detail. Later removing the protective receptacle bags, once again depositing in the outside recycle containers. Often he recounts for all his adventures of the prior Wednesday early hr. self monitoring the garbage truck pickups of the Recycle Containers along Hwy. 1, Arenal, Calle del Mar and Buena Vista. How the robot arms of the trucks are more or less efficient, sometimes breaking off the lids of or another of the different receptacles, Green Waste, Human Waste, Recycle. He makes note of the addresses, where bins have lost lids due to problems developed while they were lifted, tells the Hispanic operators, who promptly report, that a replacement can is needed to thier appropriate logistics and supply clerks. No one, wants to get on his radar as being anti-waste/recycle.
After his two to three hr. volunteering, his mother, a single parent, takes him to their room, where she presides over his home school education. A trip to the library, when it is open, is part of his lesson plans, where he learns how to research as well as studies, there and in his room. Mom, does her own assignments and research working off site, doing legal briefs and editing legal papers over the INTERNET on her laptop.
Home school lets out around 4 p.m., everyday, where after, Spencer with Mom in tow, walks to the beach with his ever present bags to gather garbage left by beach goers, engaging children and adults as how they can properly dispose of their trash. He comes back with reusable items such as beach towels, shoes and clothes, which I wash to deposit in the Bolinas Freebox, for those less fortunate. Other items like CRV bottles, cans and plastic, that he finds displaced, on the streets, he saves, to be taken for to a CRV center, where the proceeds, are used to buy him needed items, shoes, bags, gloves, etc. He is definitely elevated, reminds me, of the parallel story of Johnny Appleseed, who sowed the seeds of apples, along the Appalachian Trail. He magnifies happiness at a job well done, wants to be a garbage collector when he is of age. Wants all people to reduce their carbon footprint by giving back, at least by sorting their garbage for their recycle benefits. Age 9 educating all to the Call!  We all are so happy he has been here at our inn, the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Inn, www.redwoodshaus.com, 415 868-1034 or 868-0212. This child is deserving of the benefits of our society, a good education, housing, a chance to expose others to his agenda, being a speaker on plural campuses, both elementary and high school, on the cinema or TV(KQED, educational tv)would be inspirational, for others his own age, younger or older. He is a child that any parent would want their children exposed to, intelligent, compassionate, caring and passionate for his mother, recycling and his future as a garbage person. We know he is shooting low, he is a perfect candidate for civil service, a yet as un named post as Waste Czar! Sorry, I missed the Trash Summit, I was to caught up in the vagaries of my business. But, Spencer and Lisa, have been telling me of what went on, the information they were exposed to, who they met, Supervisor Rodini and all the devoted personages at the Trash Summit!  Thank you!

Margaret Clayton

Proprietor www.redwoodshaus.com

415 868-1034 or 868-0212

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From: Clapp, Angela <AClapp@marincounty.org>
Date: Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 4:05 PM
Subject: Clean Marin Trash Summit

Hello Clean Marin interested party,

Thank you for your interest in the Clean Marin coalition, and for making our inaugural Trash Summit a success! A big thanks to the speakers, table groups, and passionate attendees and volunteers. I hope you enjoyed this event and found new ways you can get involved to reduce trash in our communities.

I have attached the handouts from the event for your information.  If you did not have a chance to fill out the Exit Survey, I encourage you to complete it and return to me. This will help us connect you to other people, groups, and Action Teams that line up with your anti-trash interests. Additionally, if you know of groups or individuals who are interested in joining the Clean Marin coalition, please forward this information to them so they can indicate their interest.

You will hear from us in the coming year if you expressed interest on the Exit Survey in forming action teams or starting your own Clean group. In the meantime you can take a look at the Clean Marin website, which has info about each Clean Marin group and templates for Adopt A Spot and Clean Business Programs, or contact a Clean group directly to get involved in scheduled cleanups. Also, there is an upcoming Tarp Your Load event on November 16 – please contact Howard Bunce at HBunce@marincounty.org if you’re interested to volunteer.

Trash is a big issue, and we all can make a difference to reduce trash in our communities and environment. Thanks for being involved. I look forward to working together towards a Clean Marin!
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Angela Clapp, CPSWQ
Engineering Technician III

Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
County of Marin
Department of Public Works
3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 304
San Rafael, CA 94903
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