It came happen here!

Ideas, Causes, Aberrant Behaviors spread Coast to Coast! What happened in NY this week, can happen here! An attacker inspired by Issis or Road Rage, can reap havoc on our bicyclist frequented roadways! What protection has been afforded bunched bicyclists on our roadways from vehicles driven by a, “lone wolf”, intent on maiming, crippling and killing Californians? Have we not just been affected by a errant hit and run motorist that mowed down 3 bicyclists along the Point Reyes-Petaluma roadway? What were his motives? Was he inebriated? Was,”Road Rage”,  a factor”? Is he considered a, “lone wolf”? What has been learned in NY is not being employed here, that is for sure! In NY, the authorities are employing more safety measures to insure the public, walkers and bicyclists that their paths are not more accessible to motorists. By placing rocks and barriers on those paths, making it more difficult for vehicle access. That can’t be done on our roadways, as they exist now! But, future bike paths and existing multi use ones in Tiburon and along the Bay can be improved upon. Here, the Bicycle Coalition, the recipient of monies donated by bicyclists for the Bicycle Marathon that took place, that resulted in the hit and run, has lobbied for a higher bail for the culprit, after the fact. A 21 yr old, born and raised in MC, released from his job at the MC Water District, whose family bailed him at 50K, then re-bailed him at 200K. Is that enough? Why does not the MC Bicycle Coalition insure its cadre, that counter measures and bicycle protocol, will change to meet future threats to bicycle riding? How about informing their paying constituency, that they should be aware of traffic and the possibility of a “lone wolf” or Isis inspired attacker? No longer should they bunch up in groups of bicyclists, making themselves an easy target for a fiend intent on maximizing body count! Wear protective rotating helmet cameras(be able to view those images), rear view mirrors, communication gear to coordinate with other bicyclists on the same roadway, bicycle path or combined multi use pathways. We know, that costs more money for expensive gear, but that should be embraced by the Bicycle Industrial Complex and its appendages, it only means more, $, to be siphoned from the public. You never know, advert a multiple fatality event like those that took place this last week in NY or happened here, recently, near the Nicasio Reservoir, w/o fatalities. What is the use of a Bicycle Coalition unless it protects its members before a catastrophe, afterwards, is too late for those whose lives have been lost or bodies crippled! What does it take to understand, common sense? Not a commercial bicycle industrial lobbyist, vested interest group, think tank, bicycle coalition, hired MC professional experts/consultants (how many of those nameless unproductive sycophants do we have at the County Civic Center) or vaunted spokesperson, just a simple community commerce minded business person and parent to mountain bike enthusiasts.
–Moderator, Stinson Beach Community Network

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