SW Marin’s need to be informed: Marin Clean Energy Initiative.

MC President of the BOS Supervisor Charles and Dave, thanks for the timely responses, it was informative listening to your perspectives on this issue. Dave Rubins patient candid response, to Supervisor McGlashan, was gentlemanly and cautious(a discourse between friends?), maintaining that P.G.& E. is the practical pick for managing/maintaining the current status of energy providing. Charles presentation, idealistic, fueled with democratic ideals and proposing expanded local government control to maximize clean energy choice. There was division in the audience, that either supported the P.G.& E. perspective, in my words, “Why replace something, which is not broken”? Or, Charles position, creating a JPA, to declare M.C. energy users freedom, to buy from alternative clean energy sources. I want to keep my options open, tend to desire to deal with a known entity, with community involvement to realize the agenda, of the Marin Clean Energy Initiative, deriving energy from alternative clean energy suppliers, bringing down energy rates & expenses, modifying the County Carbon Footprint. Working with two agencies, giving a JPA, free reign to make financial decisions for energy sources, as well as 2% of the $100 Million Yearly Energy Expense for administration costs, is a proposal w/o further information that is difficult to understand how that would cut the cost of energy bills. The proposed Initiative, use of clout, by the public, should spur P.G.& E., to incorporate the ideals behind this M.C.E.I. or else suffer the cash flow loss to a competing Marin Clean Energy Czar.

Please send me the site addresses for P.G.& E’s & the Marin Clean Energy Initiative Perspectives. Support for the implementation of a branch of County bureaucracy affecting local energy use, is not a sought alternative. AWMT has experienced the shortcomings and biases of, the MC Taxi Regulation Program JPA, which is administered by well intentioned bureaucrats, that have no hands on experience in the field( the MC TRP JPA staffed by biannually rotated/lower salaried professional cab drivers and owners is a competent & efficient alternative to run the MC TRP). I have not received any inquiries from the SBVA co chairs, as to interest on this issue. This last Sat., the proactive SBVA hosted a town hall meeting, Chaired by MC Supervisor Steve Kinsey, it concerned the interwoven jurisdiction of the LCP, Ca. State Coastal Plan and the Coastal Commission, impact & regulation of the Coastal Communities. Last month, it was a SBVA Town Hall Meeting update on the unique SB & Bolinas Lagoon Flood Issue & Emergency Response, also chaired by MC Supervisor Steve Kinsey & coordinated by the SBVA Co-Chairs, Chris Harrington & Scott Tye. If they do not follow up on this issue immediately, that is due to these and other issues affecting the SBV Community, requiring attention. . I will continue to get the word out, to other community leaders in SW Marin(that control the facilities and manpower to schedule a meeting in their respective communities on this most important issue), aware of this correspondence, by Bcc, including your email addresses. As well as post to the Stinson Beach Community News Site, www.stinson-beach.net . to distribute this information to its readers. .
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