Shark Sightings in Stinson Beach, a good yarn, to cut down the no.s of cars/traffic flow, to the beach..

You, got to hand it to the GGNRA, transportation staff & Cal Trans Public Information Spokesperson BoB Haus, they finally got it right. The Cal Trans digital readout signs, saying, “Parking Lots Full, at the Beach”, 511 transportation Blurbs saying that the Muir Woods & Stinson Beach Parking Lots were full, newsmedia cautions, packed shuttles/buses/awestmarintaxi/ West Marin Stagecoach, Hwy.#1 & Panoramic Hwy Gridlock, have not deterred a glut of visitors in too many cars, overuse/debris of the beaches and parks in the GGNRA, State Parks, County Area of West Marin and the Hwy. 1 & Panoramic Communities of SW and West Marin…But a, “Great White Shark Sighting”, verifiable by only two distinctly separate viewers, on two different dates, sure did…I wonder, if there would be as much credibility and reaction, by the GGNRA, if there were two separate sightings on MT TAM, of, “UFO’s”, unverified by supporting public or officialdom. Would they close the top of Mt Tam, to the public, due to possible, “Alien Abduction”. Give me a break, GGNRA, you plagiarized my idea, how to limit Gridlock, too many beach/park/Hwys. 1 & Panoramic users on a Indian Summer Heated Fire Prone Weekend.. How would our 1st Responder Serices reach an emergency need, if the Hwy’s would have been gridlocked this, ” Labor Day”. I have not done an indepth analysis, of the loss of income, from the businesses here in SW Marin, from the, “Lack of Gridlock”, this last weekend, but feel it is safe to say, that no one loss, money. The usual spenders, were here, having made plans well in advance, most of which, do not care, if they can’t wade in the water, they never do anyway..Most of the dropoff, was felt by the surfboard & related equipment, surf specialty businesses. People still ate, drank, rented rooms, awestmarintaxi, took the shuttle & West Marin Stagecoach..albeit awestmarintaxi, did not have as many calls as July 4th, but it was smooth sailing on our SW Marin 2 laners for once..a welcome relief, free from burning brake and car exhaust toxicity.

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