Marin County Flood Contol & Water Conservation District , Flood Contol Zone Five-Status Report , 1-1-07, the need for coverage

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Subject: Re: Marin County Flood Contol & Water Conservation District , Flood Contol Zone Five-Status Report , 1-1-07, the need for coverage

Richard, good coverage of the Ross Valley[Zone 9] Flood of Dec. 31, 2005, in your Dec.31 article, Fed Up With Floods. Coverage of the Stinson Beach Flood of the same period, was not given equal coverage, the only mention was in reference to inclusion of the Fema grant $ to underwrite home elevations. The following DPW update, is informative of the Countys Redress and Remedy to mitigate continued flood potential of Easkoot Creek and Bolinas Lagoon Tidal Surge. Mark Prado, Paul Libertore and Robert Sterling are familiar with the problems of the Slide and Flood that affect the community of Stinson Beach, have a wealth of info. that you might find interesting and informative. We could use your help and expertise in reportage as you have done for Ross Valley, chronicling the coordinate response by their flood affected residential and business community, the County, Fed and State. In order to give hope and promote/consolidate/streamline mitigation solutions as well as promote the need to receive County and Marin Cities Allocation as well as the Ca. Coastal Conservancy to develop a hydraulic model of the Easkoot Creek Watershed and the Poison Lake Easkoot Creek Floodwater Bypass. Novatos problem with the State Dept of Fish and Game was mentioned, the restrictions of that agency hamper mitigation of flood problems, in this community as well.

I am a member of the S.B.V.A. Design Committee, that has been formed, to come up with Design Review Guidelines to help plan and mitigate problems associated with the elevation of houses awarded grants by FEMA in the flood plain, that threaten to change the basic character of the affected neighborhood as well as impose view restrictions for homes not favored. I am also a member of the S.B.V.A. Traffic Committee, coordinating Shoreline Hwy. #1 and Panoramic Hwy. updates from Cal Trans on Road Improvements/Closure as well as parking/trail signage/pedestrian walkways and necessary signage/traffic monitoring/ improvement issues in Stinson Beach. I am in favor of the Bypass solution and further research into the real/potential threat of the Slide..
I host a site, the Stinson Beach Community Network, , 415 868-1330, where issues relating to the business/residential community of SW Marin, are posted/updated and are open to the SW public/business community input. I have also promoted the Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce as a vehicle to coordinate/consolidate opinions and develop action plans of individual businesses/public and channel info. of issues affecting commerce in SW Marin[Stinson Beach, Muir Beach, Bolinas, Green Gulch Zen Center and Slide Ranch], influencing policy decisions of County, State and Federal Agencies as well as reportage of the Media. I am here at your convenience to provide info. on this issue as well as being able to steer you to the informed/concerned individuals, groups, flood affected businesses and homeowners, officials, committees and various board members of the community of Stinson Beach, that you may deign necessary for background info. of the specific real threat/flood potential of Easkoot Creek, the Bolinas Lagoon as well as the Storm High Tidal Wave Action of the Pacific.

John Posadas, SBCCommerce,, 415 868-1330, member S.B.V.A. Transportation /Design Committees, see the Stinson Beach Community Network, , posted and supported by Paul Draper, webmaster, , & The Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed & Breakfast in Stinson Beach, , 415 868-1034. S.B.V.A. next meeting, 10 a.m.-11a.m.Sat.- Jan.6, Stinson Beach Community Center. We can make a difference.

Come to the S.B.V.A. town meeting, at Fire House #1, this
January 6th,
Sat., 10a.m.-11a.m. to discuss the elements of this Zone 5 update, as well as other community issues, cochair Scott Tye will preside. Followed at 11a.m.-Noon, by the Disaster Update Meeting




Zone Five now has its own website:

In the four months since the September 1, 2006 Zone Five Status Report:

The annual creek vegetation management program was carried out by the Marin

Conservation Corps.

We have had contact with National Parks Service staff and they have obtained

permission from NPS management to meet with us regarding the overflow channel to

the Ocean. The first meeting will take place within the next few weeks.

A water level gauge was installed on Easkoot Creek at the Highway One crossing near

the Fire House. Combined with flow velocity measurements that will be taken during

high flow events this winter, this will give us up-to-date data regarding flow quantities

that we will need as our discussions with the NPS proceed.

The County Road Crew removed accumulated sediment from the road crossings at

Calle del Pinos. Calle del Pradero, Calle del Sierra, Calle del Onda, and Calle del

Arroyo. The Arenal crossing was not included in this round of cleaning as it is quite a bit

more problematic than at the other crossings. Not only is access much more difficult,

the reach is much deeper with almost vertical banks and when we have removed

material in the past we have had bank stability problems. To really “fix” that area will

require some sort of permanent revetment requiring permits and environmental review

and that will take a lot of time. Consequently the Arenal crossing was not included in

this year’s work. The Arenal crossing will be included in our application for a long term


Raising of Structures in the Flood Zone

As reported in the September 1, 2006 Status Report, we initiated the process to include Zone

Five in a grant program available through the State to raise houses above the flood level. It was

our intention at that time to send letters to property owners of all parcels within the Special

Flood Hazard Area in Stinson Beach asking if they wanted to participate. However, we

subsequently learned that because of the limited grant funds available, only a relatively few

parcels which actually sustained flood damage would actually have a chance of receiving funds.

Accordingly, letters were only sent to property owners that reported damage from the New

Year’s event and to owners of immediately adjacent parcels (under the assumption that

adjacent parcels could have experienced damage which was not reported). Letters were sent to

46 parcels in all. Only 13 of the 46 responded and the County then assisted those 13 in

gathering the data necessary to apply; e.g., damage sustained, floor elevations, replacement

costs, flood frequencies. It turned out that of the 13, five properties didn’t actually sustain any

damage and thus have no chance of receiving funding. The County will include the remaining eight parcels in the grant application package.

John Posadas, SBCCommerce, , 415 868-1330

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