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SBVillage Association extends invitation to Alexa, Tamara & Michael Savidge of the GGNRA to speak before the 8-2-10a.m.SBVA Meeting about the GGNRA Management Plan, 3 alternatives.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Alexa, Tamara and Mike Savidge
The SBVA CoChairs Chris Harrington and Scott Tye, as well as the SBCCommerce [ ], Al Moritz (Representative for the Marine Way/Arenal Neighborhood Committee against a So. Access Route to the SBPark, Sergio Vergara (Proprietor SBMarket), M.Weber (Healing Arts Center, SBVA Solar Energy Committee), Ad Hoc Flood Committee Members in attendance, and the membership of the SBVA, SBVFD Board Members, SBWD, Solar Energy Committee, desire your time to address/discuss the GGNRA Management Plan Proposals/Alternatives and their relevance and effect on the Stinson Beach Community. At the next meeting of the SBVA, 10a.m., August 2nd, at the Stinson Beach Community Center. The meeting this Saturday, July 12, of the SBVA, heard the opinions of Art Moritz, Scott Tye and myself, as to what the proposals/alternatives or three different future visions for managing the natural and cultural resources and opportunities for visitor experiences within the Park, meant to Stinson Beach. The opinions by the 3 of us, arrived at separately, was that there was not enough attention in either of the 3 proposals of the management plan, that addressed the needs of the populace and businesses of the communities of Stinson Beach, Slide Ranch, Green Gulch Center and Muir Beach. Art Moritz is drafting a comment letter, endorsed by the SBVA, for the purpose of posing the needs of the Community of Stinson Beach, which have not been fully serviced or addressed by the alternatives. Please, give his letter attention, get back to me, as to your ability to address the SBVillage Association, any props necessary for such an address, that are needed, can be arranged. I am posting the past correspondence, between us, on the SBCCommerce Newsite, in order to bring up the readers of that site, up to date, so that their comments on the GGNRA Management Plan can be completed and sent by the August 1st, Deadline. .

John Z.Posadas lll, SBCCommerce, , (Airports-Muir Woods-PanToll-Point Reyes, We deliver, Food Aid for the Needy), 415 868-1330.

Before August 1st, you can also, register your comments as to what you think is important and necessary to preserve/protect your business, residence, children, future progeny, community, that has not been addressed in the 3 Management Proposals. See below, GOGA

I attended the Bay Models, Public Comments Info. On the 3 alternative myriad of options for the future of the GGNRA, Tues June 10th. I spoke with new GGNRA spokesperson/supervisor for our area of Muir Beach, Slide Ranch and Stinson Beach. Her name is Alexa Viets, email address above. I informed her of the ability to speak before the SBVA, at the next scheduled meeting, the 1st Saturday of July at 10a.m., of the GGNRA alternatives in reference to Stinson Beach. She was interested but as of yet, not familiar with the area, only being a resident of the Bay Area, 6 days prior, a new assignee to the GGNRA. from another part of the country. I also spoke with Tamara Williams, Park Hydrologist of the GGNRA, 415 331 5160, Fax 331 0851. She had a working knowledge of Stinson Beach and was aware of the plans of flooding the south unpaved parking lot, of the Stinson Beach Park, to return it to its former marshland habitat. She called it Poison Pond, which surprised me, I thought that the No. Paved Section of the Stinson Beach Parking Lot was Poison Pond. I asked her how the Southern Lot was going to act as a Bypass for Easkoot Creek Flooding, was told, that Easkoot Flood Mitigation was not a factor for the creation of this, Poison Pond. She also said that the pond would be filled by seepage from Easkoot Creek..Since I have not attended meetings lately of the Stinson Beach Flood Board or the AD HOC Flood Committee, I am not the person with specific knowledge of the recent agenda of the two groups, thought it would be best to pass this info. on to those more appropriately informed on this issue. Otherwise, one of the other improvements that was on the drawing board, was the relocation of the Public Facilities, in the Stinson Beach Park, to be moved closer to Easkoot Creek, near the Parkside Restaurant.
. As to public comments, my specific recommendations, were the need to have: a public restroom at the Pony Pasture, at Pano. and Hwy. #1;Trash Receptacles placed at the end of the Trailheads of Matt Davis and Dipsea;Caution sign for the SBVFD before the Southern Approach on the West Side of Hwy. #1;New improved step threshold access for the Dipsea Trailheads at Hwy. #1 and Pano.{dumping hikers onto Hwy. #1 & Pano. can be fatal}; Sidewalk extending to the Firehouse from the Corner of Panoramic to Belvedere on the West Side of Hwy. #1, AWMT being considered alternative transportation for Muir Woods Goers and tours. as well as Stinson Beach Park.

Michael Savidge, GGNRA General Spokesperson, recommended that Stinson Beach form a Transit District, obtaining revenues from fee charges for parking at the Stinson Beach hire a person to enforce parking violations in the community..I thought you all would like to hear his suggestion..

John Z. Posadas lll, AWMT,, 415 868-1330.

Thanks, Alexa, I was not sure of your title, but recognized your importance, in the vetting process for the Stinson Beach, Muir Beach, Green Gulch Zen Center, Slide Ranch, accessible facilities and improvements in the GGNRA status quo for the Disabled, all included in SW Marin and all addressed by the myriad of options of the GGNRA General Management Plan. . The community of the West Side of Hwy. 1(those severely or potentially impacted by flood waters of Easkoot Creek}, in Stinson Beach, needs your advocacy, to further the need for a Bypass, through the as yet to be mutually agreed upon area of the SBPark, parking area, by the GGNRA and the SBFlood Board w the AD Hoc SBVA Flood Advisory Committee. I am sending this email, to members of both advisory groups as well as the SBVillage Associaition, with your position clarified, for them to take advantage of your offer to include their comments in the public record as well as my own and in order to include your expertise in finding a solution to their flood impacted needs. The issues that I am more familiar with, are as previously stated, is the need for an accessible sidewalk, improvement of accessible trailheads as they meet Pano. and Hwy. #1, garbage receptacles at the end of the Trailheads, the institution of accessible restroom facilities in the Pony Pasture of Hwy. 1 and Pano., all located on the East Side of Hwy. #1. between Belvedere and Pano. AWMT, could benefit the Muir Woods and the Stinson Beach Park congested parking lots, by providing an alternate transportation service for the park goers, eventually to include an accessible cab(allowing 1st responders more ability to be able to respond to emergencies).

John Z. Posadas lll, Minister of Info., SBChamber of Commerce, , see the Stinson Beach Community News Site, ,, Taxi on Request by email or phone 415 868-1330. Accessibility Advocate for the Disabled.. Equal Opportunity for All Americans.


Thank you for forwarding your comments to Tamara and me. I am also copying these comments to the official NPS email address for the project so that they can be included in the public record. Just to clarify, and I apologize that I did not yet have a card to give to you when we met, I am a Transportation Planner for the park, rather than a supervisor for the Marin Park areas. I look forward to working with you and the Stinson Beach community as the planning process moves forward.

Take care,

Alexa C. Viets, AICP
Transportation Planner
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Golden Gate National Recreation Area
(415) 561- 4933 office


Hello John,
I wanted to clarify that, in addition to the potential wetland restoration as described in the General Management Plan newsletter, GGNRA staff have been coordinating with Neal Conatser at Marin County Flood Control. My understanding is that the County will soon be issuing their Request for
Proposals from consultants for the evaluation of flood control options at Stinson Beach.

Thank you for your interest and comments,
Tamara Williams


Dear Friends,

Thank you for attending the open house in Sausalito. Your attendance and participation was deeply appreciated. We would like to encourage you to provide your comments regarding the preliminary alternatives for the new General Management Plan. Please be as specific as possible when describing your areas of concern or support as this will ensure we understand your comments and help us in our evaluation of the alternatives. Remember that the “preferred alternative” may not be one of the three preliminary alternatives. It could be a hybrid, containing ideas from each of the preliminary alternatives.

You may submit your comments via e-mail by responding to this message, or by filling out the comment form on our public website (To submit comments online go to
, then click on the comment link located in the upper right hand corner.) You may also submit written comments by mailing them to:

National Park Service
General Management Planning Team – GGNRA
Denver Service Center
12795 West Alameda Parkway
Denver, CO 80225-0287

The deadline for comments is August 1, 2008. However, we urge you to provide your comments as soon as possible so that we have plenty of time to examine them.

When constructing your comments please use the following questions as
a guideline:

1. Which ideas of any of the preliminary alternatives do you think are most important to include in the preferred alternative, and why?

2. Are there any important elements/ideas that the planning team missed in the preliminary alternatives? Please describe them and explain why these additional ideas are important.

3. Any other comments.

Not everyone who signed in at the meeting provided an e-mail address so if you know anyone who would like to have this information please forward it to them.

You are receiving this e-mail because you provided your contact information and you have been added to our mailing list. If you do not wish to receive mailings from the National Park Service please reply back to this message to unsubscribe.

Thank you for your interest and input.


Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Planning Division

I am sorry for the delayed response. I spoke to the team leader for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) General Managment Plan effort, Brian Aviles, and this weekend is not a good date for us to meet with the Stinson Beach Village Assoc. We would like to set up another date however, and Brian will contact you directly to work that out.

Thank you for inviting the Park to meet with your community. We look forward to the discussions and feedback.

Ricky Green and John Z. Posadas lll, Ricky singing, “Amazing Grace, on the corner of #1 Belvedere and Hwy. #1, the Redwoods Haus & SBHwy.1 Firehouse, John playing accompaniment on the trumpet…

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

I noticed that the Marin I.J., local t.v.stattions, S.F. chronicle or Examiner, cameras in the audience were not in evidence at this, Damage Control Summit, the fuzz, the hype, the kids conveniently contrived misinformation{blaming Ricky for being a Thyzzz User, I have known Ricky two years, he has never to my knowledge or to anyone I know used or been able to procure Thyzz) the damper on a campaign against Thyzz by the police-not part of our investigation( BoBo name for Meth, which a local female icon, addressed as a bad substitute for her teenage years use of Ecstasy, which dated me, it was after my time), Supervisor Kinsey on the back stage, doing an eye count of his constituency in the filled hall(his decision not to speak out at the event, was subjective and prudent under the circumstances, to do so, would have endangered his future incumbency, he would be pilloried by either the minority or the majority vote if he made a statement of support for the kids or for Ricky, before the finality of the judicial process, mayhap abridged by political concerns), the missed opportunity to do something good for the kids-besides collecting $1200. in hush money for Ricky(I predict he will forgive his attackers, take the money, give it away to all the entitled white children of Bo, want to bet?), how about a community program to get these kid vagrants off the streets, as well as require the store, bar and single restaurant in Bolinas not to provide alcohol to the vagrants, street people and my people, the Native Guatemalans and Mexicans coming into their own idea of the counterculture of the Haight/BoBury, becoming 60’s Hippies with Alcohol and Thyzzzzzz…Please, describe my brother in spirit and soul, Ricky, no longer as an itinerant, but as the, Artist, that he is, the newest and most noticeable entertaining sound in SW Marin..Liked and loved by all people of Color, in StinBo, the silent minority, save a few..I was described by the same law enforcement administration of MC as rejected by the community, under the influence of drugs, something to be kicked, in 1995, that was done after a break-in of my home, by a law enforcement officer(broke the cartilage in my left knee, I wear a brace). I know what it is like to be singled out for discrimination, I have experienced justice in this County, Ricky is receiving the same..The I.J., has blacked out continued coverage, it is a black eye, for Marin County, can you imagine if two Jewish men were beaten separately in Bolinas.. The IDF, the Jewish Anti Semitic League, the Jewish Community Center, the Gubernator, Obama, Hillary, Boxer, Feinstein, Michael Douglas, Larry Shore, every Jewish advocate for Justice in the State, would hold a forum on the Antisemitism in Bo, would require reparations for the two men, seize bank accounts and property of the 15 childrens parents, eventually Bo would look like the West Bank or Baghdad with guard towers and walls segmenting it..Lets see what the NAACP will do, this treatement and demonizing of Ricky is a farce, conducted by the National Socialist Party of Bo/Stin..sounds paronoid doesn’t it…to a white psychiatrist, but to the Blacks of the South, PreCivil Rights, and the Hispanics being picked up by ICE, or to me, its more of the same…
Stop the news blackout, lets keep this story on the front page. The cops said Ricky was not welcome in Bo, I stood up and said, who is welcome in Bo, that is not from Bo?..They also, assured a questioner, that no racial epithets were enunciated by the Skate Board Bangers that beat him into a Coma, w their skateboards & butchered him with knife or knives(a sheriffs diving team retrieved a knife from the Lagoon, purportedly used in the latest attack, the branding device use in an earlier attack has yet to be addressed). A well known Mexican American Artist, also said to change the attitude in Bo, put up the Bo road sign on Hwy. #1, encourage the children to welcome all people, Bo is not exclusively theirs…Lets get the County out of the Investigation, this should be a national news story of Shame and the need for Change, like that of the Gay Man that was hung across a barbed wire fence to die after being beaten to death by homophobics or the black man in Texas that was tied to the rear bumper of a truck, dragged to death at high speed. . Rickys, sexual persuasion, has never been evident, he is similar to the Old Testament Prophets, Jesus of Nazareth, Catholic Priest and Nuns, he practices abstention and celibacy, his aura and reputation is that women and girls are safe with him. Although, Girls and Women were attracted to him, he looks like the pride of Africa, his forefathers brought against there will to land of Blondes, to Slavery..some think he is a Jehovahs Witness, because of his attitude not to engage in Sex with girls of All Races who throw themselves at him, especially after they here him perform or when he speaks to them or when they just look at him, he radiates peace and brotherhood, love and Goodwill to All. ..Give this young American his due, as the Artist and Prophet of Change that he is…I want to see Change, come about in both the local Media Coverage of this Crucifixion/Ethnic Cleansing, Law Enforcement Investigation, BoStin Community, Marin County towards people of Color or Difference, Disabled, Young or Old, Poor or Wealthy.. ..

MCVB newsletter

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008

Spend a day discovering Marin’s rich history:
Start the day on Saturday, July 12th, with author Barry Spitz and learn the history of San Rafael in partnership with the Marin History Museum . A short hike begins at the Boyd Gate House on 1125 B Street at 9:00 a.m. and continues to the top of San Rafael Hill. Hear the unique story of San Rafael’s past while viewing the town from an unusual perspective. If a hike is not on your history agenda, the Marin History Museum also offers docent led Walking Tours of downtown San Rafael the third Saturday of each month. There are 15 points of interest including the estates of Robert Dollar and Louise Boyd. Next, explore the Riding the Rails exhibit at the Museum which presents the story of trains in Marin County from the 1870s through the 1960s. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of each month.

While in San Rafael, head a short distance north to the Marin County Civic Center and visit the Anne T. Kent California History Room , also open Saturdays from 10:00 to 5:00p.m.. The library is an archive dedicated to collecting and preserving information on local, regional, and state history with a strong emphasis on the history and culture of Marin County. But don’t stop there…the Frank Lloyd Wright building is itself a piece of history. Self-guided tour brochures are available in the gift shop, room 233. Docent led tours of the building are given on Wednesdays mornings at 10:30 only.

The Mill Valley Library has a great history exhibit hall with many archived pictures of the past. The Lucretia Little History Room is open most Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and is located on 375 Throckmorton Avenue. After a full day of soaking in all of what Marin has to offer, have a Cappucino at The Depot, and imagine your train pulling in to take you further back in time~
Event Highlights for Fourth of July
Angel Island Fireworks Cruise
July 4th, 2008
On Friday evening, July 4, 2008, cruise San Francisco Bay for an up-close view of the incredible Fourth of July fireworks show! Begin the evening by enjoying the leisurely ride from Tiburon to the San Francisco waterfront as you watch the sun set over Mt. Tam. As darkness falls, watch the sky light up with the one of the most spectacular fireworks shows of the year! Reservations are required and tickets are limited and will sell out in advance. Call (415) 435-2131 or email them at today!

Friday Night Free Movies
July 4th through August 8th
The thoroughfare between Grant Avenue and DeLong Avenue in Novato is transformed into “Theater Sherman” each Friday night when Sherman Avenue is closed to traffic and a movie screen becomes center stage. The movies begin 15 minutes after sunset (approximately 8:30 p.m.) complete with popcorn and glow-in-the-dark necklaces for sale. People are invited to bring their own chairs. Visit the Downtown Novato Business Association website for the movie schedule each Friday.

43rd Annual Corte Madera – Larkspur Parade
July 4th starting at 10:30 a.m.
This year’s theme is “100 Years Ago”, with elaborate floats, precision drill teams, and the classic cars and the Corte Madera Town Band. Post-parade festivities at Corte Madera’s Town Park include arts and crafts, food and drink, carnival games, children’s activities and live entertainment. The parade leaves Redwood High School in Larkspur at 10:30 a.m., moves down Magnolia into Corte Madera and continues down Tamalpais Avenue to the Town Center. For more information, call (415) 924-0441 or visit the Chamber’s website at
Marin County Fair 2008
July 2nd through July 6th
The Marin County Fair (at Marin County Fairgrounds, Civic Center Drive) offers up what is pretty much Marin County’s official fireworks display. Fair admission is $12 to $14, and includes concerts, exhibits, entertainment, nightly fireworks, and 28 free carnival rides. Fireworks begin at 9:30 p.m.. For more information, call (415) 499-6400, or visit them at

If you are a member of the MCVB, please continue to send us any event you would like to have listed on our Event Calendar web page. We will highlight a few county events each month in this section.
Travel Trends

Did you know…
The American Hotel Lodging Association just released its 2008 Lodging Survey, one of the most comprehensive industry-wide surveys of its kind, revealing trends in all segments of U.S. hotels. The research analyzes feedback from more than 10,000 U.S. hotel properties polled in more than 100 areas. Among the many major findings, the survey revealed the following:

New technologies are becoming more common:
Wireless Internet access is represented in 91 percent of responding properties, up 35 percent form just four years earlier
The number of hotels that charge for in-room Internet use is on the decline. Sixteen percent of hotels charge for this service, down from 19 percent in 2006 and 22 percent in 2004
35 percent of respondents offer iPod docking stations in-room; Upper upscale (76 percent) and luxury hotels (58 percent) are the most likely to offer this new amenity.
Hotels are getting healthier:
Seventy-nine percent of responding properties have an exercise room and/or fitness facility, and 77 percent of these are complimentary for guests
The number of respondents who offer vegetarian menu options rose 16 percentage points to 48 percent. The number of hotels offering ‘healthy menu’ options also rose 15 points to 66 percent
Twenty-four percent of respondents offer allergy-free hotel rooms.
Properties are shading operations with a greener hue:
Sixty-eight percent of properties report using energy-efficient lighting
Twenty-one percent of respondents are planning to incorporate Leadership in Energy Environmental Design (LEED) standards into their properties in the next 12 months
Twenty percent note they have already incorporated LEED elements during the past 12 months.
What the Marin Convention Visitor Bureau is doing…
Did you notice our new look and tag line? Our new logo is just a small part of the new branding advertising campaign for the Marin CVB:
“It’s different here. And not by accident. Yes, Marin is just a little out there. As in, one famous bridge away from San Francisco. And right next door to the vineyards of Napa and Sonoma. Closer than you could ever imagine to everything that’s unique in this clever corner of California. We are the home of holistic artists and goat cheese artisans. The birthplace of mountain biking and Obi Wan Kenobi. The natural habitat of those grateful for nature and of the Grateful Dead. So come take a vacation from the typical vacation. The question is, where do you want to start?”

This is how we are beginning to get the word out:
Our new website should be up and going by the Fall. In the meantime, we have added a new enhancement to our current website home page. All group and meeting planners who are interested in planning an event here in Marin County may electronically send us a “Request for Proposal”. We in turn will be sending the leads to our hotels and conference centers. We have just completed a Marin CVB Front Desk reference guide. This guide will be a helpful resource for visitors and residents with information regarding Marin County beaches, biking, hiking, attractions, tours, shopping and restaurants.

Our Mission: To develop a sustainable visitor base to Marin County, enhance the local economies, and protect the natural resources through responsible promotion.