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March 28th, The Reopening of Cash King Hwy. #1

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

March 28th, The Day of the Beginning , of the Reopening of Cash King Hwy. #1, Ribbon Ceremony at 11a.m., Thru Traffic at 5p.m.

Hurray! Like the Biblical Story of 7 yrs. of Want, 7 yrs. of Plenty, after 41/2 months of Cash Drought, Shoreline is reopening under schedule. Storekeepers, Restaurants and Hostelries in the Cash Poor Communities of SW Marin are going to hit the Lotto Jackpot and Party in the Olde Townes this March 28th. Get out your shovels, not for shoveling snow, unheard of in this climate blessed area, but for a stream of cash, brought by the schools of Tourists and Commerce that ply their way upstream through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the Mount Tamalpais State Park, the Tomales State Park and the Point Reyes National Seashore.

The Flight from the Maddning Crowd in the SF Bay Area, will once again, tackle the Scenic Route of Shoreline Hwy. #1, on what is promised to be, to the residents of Eden, SW Marin, a miracle of Cal Trans Engineering, the Repair and Retrofit of Shoreline Hwy. #1. We all owe a debt of gratitude to the ears of Cal Trans, that came through in the pinch, keeping us informed of the project parameters, listening to our input of what needed to be done for the continuation of commerce and needed repairs, for the merchants in SW Marin,, during the period of shutdown.

That period of Retrofit and Repair was softened, by favorable signage and coordinated T.V./Newspaper Media publicity of the ability of use of the alternate and last summer retrofitted and repaired route of Panoramic Hwy., numbers of public and private meetings of Cal Trans Supervisory Engineers, coordinated-brainstormed-lobbied by Cal Trans Public Information Officer, Bob Haus, with the impacted SW Public and Merchants, the Stinson Beach Village Association and Traffic Committee, Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce, Public Safety Representatives of the Marin County Sheriffs Dept. and Volunteer Fire Districts of SW Marin, GGNRA and Mt Tamalpais State Park Staff[Notably GGNRA Transportaion Officer, Paul Bignardi], Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Steve Kinsy and U.S.Congresspersons Jarred Huffman and Carol Migden.

Say goodbye, to voluntary closings of businesses due to lack of clientele, say hello to 7 day a week prosperity, old standards like the Sandollar Restaurant, the Pelican Inn, the Redwoods Haus, the Sandpiper, Smileys, the Coast Cafe, Blue Heron, Grand Hotel, Many Villages, Meristem Florists and all the shops, stores and hostelries of SW Marin, are due for standing room only, in their separate but different establishments. The swarms that will be hitting Red Rock Beach, overflowing the Steep Ravine Cabins and Campground, Muir Beaches Clothing Optional Beach, the full bars of Revelry at the Pelican-Sandollar-Stinson Grill-Smileys are going to raise the roofs, a St. Patricks and Cinco De Mayo, a little late and a little early..

Thankyou Cal Trans, for finishing ahead of schedule, completing a magnificent job under the trying of circumstances and for putting a human face[Bob Haus], on the Repair and Retrofit Project of Shoreline Hwy., he can take a punch and still keep smiling. It was a grand experience in dealing with bureaucracy for all of Us in SW Marin. Rabbit Foot, available at the Redwoods Haus, for the next project, the raising of the Roadbed No. of Stinson Beach, around the Bolinas Lagoon. Will it be a bridge around the Eastern Edge of the Lagoon on the soon, not to be passable Swampland Hwy. #1, due to the Green House Effect? Lots of luck if its a series of Katrina Levees, they would have to be built with cement, and be continuously raised/added to. What would happen to the silt/garbage/redwood chips laden Lagoon, how would it be affected by more encroaching debris on its shores? More Meetings..Poor Bob, he’ll be pilloried.

Ribbon Cutting for Hwy 1

Thursday, March 29th, 2007

Having been to ribbon cuttings before, associated w CalTrans, it is important, that there be a SW Marin feminine face included in the ceremony, so be sure to bring your other half, daughters, interested female friends with you, this Wed. 11a.m., for the reopening ceremony of Shoreline Hwy. #1. The function will take place between the No. Intersection of Panoramic/Shoreline Hwy. #1 and Red Rock Beach [you may drive through Hwy.1 detour], there will be 30 chairs, present [bring your own, to insure a seat]. Bob Haus, Cal Trans Public Info. Officer, will be coordinating the publicity event.

It would behoove the SWCommunity of Muir/Stinson Beach and Bolinas, to have representatives there. The upcoming Shoreline Hwy. #1 improvements, before and after the Bolinas Y, the engineers and politicos in charge/have influence of that forthcoming project are going to be there. It is a good time, to meet them face to face, especially, after the positive improvements just made, by Cal Trans, in the Repair & Retrofit Projects of Shoreline Hwy. #1, that were contributed to by the input of the Fire Districts, Village Associations, Business Community/interested groups/individuals of SW Marin.

From what I have heard, so far, of the remedies for flood/tidal high waters of that proposed project, a set of levees will be constructed by Cal Trans, in the Lagoon?, to offset future flooding. Whether, you agree or not with that as yet unconfirmed solution, this is a great opportunity, to find out what are the proposals on the drawing board. It is also a good time, to follow the agenda of Cal Trans, for continued/maintenance Repair & Retrofit Projects concerning Shoreline Hwy., in the Southern Approach to Muir/Stinson Beach, and Northern Sections of Shoreline Hwy. #1..through the Golden Gate National Recreation Area & the Point Reyes National Seashore..