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Article in the Marin Independent Journal

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Tues. Nov. 21, 2006

1. Residents on Panoramic Hwy. are resigned to increased traffic due to the Closure of Shoreline Hwy. #1 and detour/alternate use of Panoramic Hwy. , w/o safeguards: Would you be? Presently there is a lack and need to install signage[that residents are backing out onto roadway]benefiting both drivers and residents of Panoramic Hwy. that back out of their driveways onto Panoramic Hwy. Signs requiring safer speed limits, an accident due to high speed, would stop all traffic on Panoramic. Emergency vehicles would occupy both lanes, for cleanup, as such the only access No. to Shoreline Hwy. #1 and So. to 101, would be closed.. More Turnouts would be helpful, there are a no. of less than sufficient in length and depth, for Hwy. standards and regulations, that should be improved by resurfacing, during this detour emergency.

Let me remind, there is no alternate for four mos., Shoreline Hwy. #1 Closure..

2. Detour Signage, is sufficient, for continuation of commerce No. of Detour. It is not, the signage should be changed to reflect the 1/2 Mile Detour, which is the actual difference in mileage, of Panoramic versus Shoreline Hwy. #1.

3. This is the slow season for all businesses in SW Marin, to the contrary, this is the high season, for many businesses in SW Marin: the overnight accommodations industry of Muir Beach, Stinson Beach, Bolinas, No. West Marin, see an increase in foreign travelers[taking advantage of the incentive rates offered by the motels, B&B’s, & Inns – very vulnerable to confusing media releases of Closure and Cal Trans Detour Signage ], this is their vacation period as well as that of domestic summer employees of summer sports and National/State Parks[for example an only summer sport such as white water staff and employees], tour guides, national and state parks summer employees/staff, before snow season employees of ski resorts. This the season for Elephant Seal, Whale, Tule Elk, Bird Species[Audobon Society, British Royal Birdwatching Society, Scientists studying migratory patterns of migratory birds, Environmentalists studying decline of individual bird species] , Coho Salmon and the many species of animals and sea life that abound in our forests, beaches and sea, enthusiasts/watchers/ scientists/ naturalists/ environmentalists who seek shelter amidst our overnight accommodations industry and sustenance from our eateries, restaurants and grocery stores here in SW Marin.

Thriving in abundance during this period of affordable accommodations and plenty of parking due to an absence of beach goers and absentee home owners: Commercial and Residential Contractors[roofers, interior and exterior specialists, home builders, re modelers, plumbers, electricians, painters, carpet installers, storm and disaster special workers] ; Cal Trans employees as well as related contractors doing Shoreline Hwy. #1 Improvements; contract employees installing the emergency transmission tower on the Bolinas Ridge for benefit of coordinating Disaster Related Agencies responding to earthquakes-Fires-Tsunami-Flood emergencies. Winter Sports Businesses[Pt. Reyes Kayak Tours] such as Kayak [Kayak and Bike Rental Specialty Businesses, Kayak Tours, Hiking and Running enterprises[ex. Enviro-sports of Stinson, Hike w Llamas Tours], Hanglider enthusiasts and Tandem Hanglider flight enterprises. Last but not least, seniors and other age groups, no longer interested in the Ski Slopes due to age/accidental/choice inspired physical handicaps or preference to enjoy the Coast Outdoors-watch the waves, run in the surf, enjoy the scenery-unimpeded by loads of people and motorized traffic vehicles, articulate in artistry or photography, nature for pleasure or profit…

4. Contrast: Year Around Family Owned and Managed businesses with live-in help that depend on the winter and spring season to continue vs. Summer Oriented Businesses with hired help few if any live-ins, that can financially survive until the next summer.. the reportage of this article gave the summer oriented viewpoint. Harken to the section that covered the Pelican Inn, Katinka Mckay, general Manager of the Pelican, said,” There seems to be a bit of confusion out there in some of the media reports, We can see there are fewer people here today”.

That is the general misgiving of the housing and food vendors of SW Marin.” We want to survive, as a viable business enterprise, The Closure of Shoreline Hwy. #1, during the 4 mos. of Repair”, quote Margaret Clayton, proprietor of the Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed and Breakfast in Stinson Beach. Please ask the opinion of other merchants in the SW Marin Area, who live and work full time, have no reduced winter hours, as well as carry live-ins at their business enterprises, of whether or not they expect full occupancy or patronage during this period of Closure, it is always high season in SW Marin: the Stinson Beach Motel, the Sandpiper Motel, the Ocean Court Motel, The Stinson Beach Market, the Parkside Restaurant, the Stinson Beach Grill, the Coast Cafe and Blue Heron of Bolinas, The Bolinas Market, Stinson Beach Health Club, Odyssey Video of Stinson and Bolinas, Live Water Surf Shop, etc.

6. That the business community of SW Marin is are happy and content, with the media coverageof the Shoreline Hwy. #1 Closure, no we are not. We need media support, not arbitrary independent opinion sampling of the uninformed and sensationalism that creates confusion with potential clientele and long time patronage of the affected businesses and enterprises of SW Marin impacted by the Closure of Shoreline Hwy. #1..

Representing the Interests and Consensus of the Business Community of SW Marin, impacted by the Closure of Shoreline Hwy. #1 for 4 mos. due to the need for Repairs on the Roadway. John Posadas, Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce, ., 415 868-1330, See the Stinson Beach Community Network, in cooperation with the Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed and Breakfast in Stinson Beach 94970, , 415 868-9828, proprietor Margaret Clayton..Please send your comments and additions to this response of media inaccuracy/critique to the SBCCommerce,