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The Need to clear debris and build retaining walls at EASKOOT Creek Landside

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

David Boyd, Senior Enviromental Scientist, Calif. State Parks,
North Bay District,
P.O. Box 1016,
Novato Ca. 94948,
phone 898-1213,
cell 415 706-0448,
fax 415 898-1213.

Dear Dave,

I am asking you in the name of the inhabitants of the flood plain bordering Easkoot Creek, why and what is going on, in order not to repeat the experience of last years flooding. There has been no dredging of the creek, whose creek bottom raised up to 5′ in areas, resulting in the flooding of many residences in the Pradero and Pinos Streets of Stinson Beach. There has been no removal of debris from the Landslide onto Easkoot Creek, from Tamalpais State Parkland, nor any shoring of that landslide, to prevent further debris from entering the creek, further raising the creek bed downstream, that could increase the likelihood of further flooding of more residences, businesses and a worst scenario of the loss the the Easkoot Bridge, spanning Shoreline Hwy. #1 at Belvedere.

If the Bridge should be impacted by the accumulation of debris as well as the rising of the creek bed, enough to fill its interior throughfare, it would become a dam, flooding the Disaster Emergency Response sthe Stinson Beach Volunteer Fire Department Building as well as erode the adjacent earthen and rock banks, ultimately leading to the erosion of the East Commercial Area of Shoreline Hwy. #1[Healing Arts Center, S.B.Medical Clinic, S.B. Chiropractic Clinic, S.B. Bookstore, Stinson Beach Grill, both Village Green Parks, the Post Office Complex and the Shakespeare at Shakespeare Grounds], as well as imperil the Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed and Breakfast on #1 Belvedere and Shoreline Hwy., the Stinson Beach Motel, Starbucks Salon Bldg., Live Water Surf Shop Bldg., Sandollar Restaurant, Oceanic Realty, Meristem Florist, Fire Chief Ken Stevens Residence, Many Villages Emporium, Stinson Beach Market, as well as other residences located on the West End of Shoreline Hwy. that is the Southern Area of Commercial in Stinson, the No. East Section of Commercial and Residential also is in peril.. To be included in the Fema and Ca. State Remedy of after flood mitigation, being allowed to raise the aforementioned on piers, is not feasible, in a commerical enviroment[raise firehouse? the medical center?], not a solution to our beloved Community’s needs.

A much simpler method is to remove the offensive material, stop the talking, get down and do the right thing, discount the impact on the polywogs/fingerlings, they can be placed by volunteer enviromentalists in holding pens [this is a fish friendly period of the year] until the project is completed before the rains begin. The affected past flood victims and the potential flood residents of Stinson Beach as well as SW Marin and NW Marin who have similar flood related potential and experience, invite you to reply to this plea, to insure that our livelihoods, homes and businesses will not be negatively impacted by a repitition of last yrs. floods due to preventitive measure that can be carried out forthwith by the State,
Federal and County Agencies that are there to protect us from floods, lets not repeat the New Orleans Experience. Your response will be posted, to the Stinson Beach Community Network Site,
John Posadas,
415 868-1330.

There is a need to address the business community of Stinson and SW/NW Marin, a meeting to be scheduled by the Stinson Beach Flood Advisory Board, may address that need, otherwise, there may be a meeting called by the Stinson Beach Flood Victims of 2005 themselves, at which, you will be invited to address.