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The taming of Tour de Ca

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Today, the difference in the conduct of the Amgem Sponsored Tour de Ca. Race,  obviously reflected the negative press[Rollerball]and response of the SBFD Chief, it was a whole lot tamer, although there was a problem with non essential  race car traffic coordination. That was, Amgem Cars, apparently neither Parts or Chase Cars, that were in the Hwy. #1, South Bound Lane hurtling North, in front of & behind CHP vehicles, before its apparent { I saw cars still driving So. on Hwy. #1, I wondered, how they got past the roadblock, but thought that they must have been parked along the stretch of Hwy. #1 between the Hwy#1 Firehouse & the Stinson Beach Market} than closure to both lane traffic other than Race Vehicles & Cycles.  A flag woman, was in front of the Hwy.#1 SBFirehouse, did not appear to be wearing a  radio phone device, so did not know when the Hwy. #1 was closed to traffic, although she did  use her unfurled flags, one time, to slow down Forward Race Vehicles, traveling faster than the speed limit in the Northbound Lane. .  Otherwise the CHP multiple vehicles interspersed amongst following Chase/Parts Cars as well as in the Front & Rear of the Race, with a sign in the last CHP Vehicle, indicating the End of the Race, kept the speed of the C&P Race Vehicles, within Speed Signage  Limits..
There were not any CHP or MC Sheriffs Dept. Officers, evidenced on Hwy.#1, conducting Traffic or Crowd Control, on foot, that I could see,  from my position on Belvedere & Hwy. #1, if there had been, they could have halted So.Bound Traffic. Eliminating non essential Cycle Race Vehicles, dismounting CHP Officers to insure the Public Safety, would insure that situations would not arise, that  could result in Fatal Injury.  We still have Work to Do.. ..

On the scene, were SBFChiefs Ken Stevens + Kendrik  Rand, many of the SBFD volunteers[being there, to respond to any inappropriate incidents], the Press[Channel 7 and Paul Liberatore, ex SB Resident, Reporter for the Marin I. J.], a tame crowd of locals, a few joggers and overnight  tenants of the WPRH & Stinson Beach Motel..The Cyclists were in a close pack as they swept by..w few stragglers..Remember, this is a Cycle Race not a Car/Motorcycle Race, it might hurt, but Amgem must give up all non essential vehicle participation, dismount rented CHP for crowd & traffic control,  replace inexperienced flag persons with seasoned veterans, coordinate-implement-supply a phone/radio system to all of its essential personnel.

John Posadas, SBCCommerce Minister of Information,, 415 868-1330. See the Stinson Beach Community News Site, SBVA Member of Subcommittees Traffic & Design/Review. Funded & Supported by the World at Peace Redwoods Haus Inn,, 415 868-9828 or 868-1034.

Yay! The Unrelenting Rollerball Tour de Ca, will not massacre residents of Stinson Beach & A/P NO.or South on Tour de Ca.Hwy. #1

David, in response to your obituary on the Tour de Ca., “New race route ditches Marin”, Thurs July 24..See the SBCCommerce Site, , 415 868-1330, articles written in concern of the safety violations conducted year after year by the Amgem Promoters of the Tour de Ca. Maybe, then you can understand, what we will be missing..A Tour that does not have an economic impact in SW Marin, on the holiday, it has been conducted on, Presidents Day, A holiday, that brings thousands to the Seashore, yearly, with or without the Tour de Ca..Another day, other than a holiday or weekend, may have made a economic difference. The Tour has been a menace in the manner it has flouted the safety standards necessary to preserve life and limb of the inhabitants of the Villages of Stinson Beach and the Coast Communities bordering Hwy. #1. If other communities want them and their attitude of disrespect for human safety, let them, their standards and care for human life, are different than ours. S.F. has an excessive population of people, in all demographic groups, the Coast values each and every one of its inhabitants, let S.F. have the Tour, maybe they can rout it through the Tenderloin, I am sure, no one there will mind..Please, send my condolences to the Roundstone, they need clientèle in Point Reyes, they don’t have Ocean or Bo Lagoon Views and Redwoods Forests, there, and now they don’t have the Tour, maybe they can schedule another Western Days Celebration on Presidents Day, or a look like a President contest or a Ernest Hemingway or Dave Mitchell lookalike contest, what would you suggest? We are all for any type of celebration or rodeo that breaks up the monotony in P.R., honest, we want everyone to have a good time, make windfall profits to survive the winter, as long as no one gets hurt.. ….