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Free Free at last

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Can you elaborate, on the 10′ Wide overflow that gushed over the Sand Dunes of the Stinson Beach Park to the Pacific Ocean, from the NW Corner of the Stinson Beach Parking Lot, Jan. 25th? At least 4′ of flood waters from Easkoot Creek, that had pooled at the NW to Highway 1 corner of the Stinson Beach Parking Lot, Jan. 25? Created by the Levee that the Park Service constructed, after being faced with the threat of lawsuit by the adjacent to the Park, homeowners affected by the seasonal heavy rain overflow of Easkoot Creek, coming from the parking area? The immediate Calles, north/downstream of the Stinson Beach NW Parking Area[known formerly as Poison Pond] including Pradero and Pinos Calles, as well as the Harris, Sutton & Zell Properties[Anyone have Zells email address and/or addresses of others in the seasonal, Easkoot Creek Overflow/Flood Plain, impacted also by Pacific High Tide Waves + Bolinas Lagoon Rainwater High Tide Impacted Flooding? Please send Pics, of the Breach, as well as personal experiences, Did this Bypass of Floodwaters, Keep your Individual Properties & those of your immediate neighbors from being Flooded? Did it help, even though, your properties were impacted by rainwater/tidal events? This is a much hoped for event, may contribute to a faster than usual friendly EIR Process, to hasten a engineered more sophisticated bypass in the same exact locale. Does anyone have any Pics, of this event? Please send them to me, I will forward them to maximize the clout of the benefit of this event, to the Personas, Media and the agencies who can or are advocating for the Bypass, that may help further the SBCommunity West of Hwy. #1 Conjoined Needs..For those, that have not followed the Bypass Controversy, see the archives of the SBCCommerce site, and the Stinson Beach Newsite at,
There is no question in my mind that the drainage to the ocean from the northern lot of Stinson Beach Park lowered the threat of flood to properties on Calle del Pinos (mine included). Indeed, there is an opportunity here for the Park Service to use the emergency condition created and alleviated by nature to carve a new arroyo (usually dry but flowing during heavy rain) from just north of their entry bridge to the new ocean drainage.

With the removal of a few dozen yards of asphalt, Park Service naturalists and volunteers would have an nice opportunity to plant native grasses and other riparian plants on the north side of this arroyo to the point where it becomes dune on the ocean. I believe the creek has shown us its natural relief valve.

bad weather

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Beginning tonight, we shall be witnesses to the ferocity of Unharnessed Global Warming Inspired Weather, a Mega-Downpour w Windstorm, cross your fingers, pray, meditate and keep your rabbits foot in your back pocket, that the: Slide, does not inundate Easkoot Creek with mud, rock and tree flow; Bolinas Lagoon is able to absorb the extra Rain Water w/o overflowing its banks, cutting off the Bo Y/Hwy. #1; High Tide/Pacific Waves potential threatening low-lying Bolinas Wharf Road & West Stinson/Seadrift; Stinson So. newly Retrofitted Hwy. #1 and Panoramic Hwy. continue to be Passable. Referring to that gouge in the West Side of MT Tamalpais, located upstream from the Stinson Beach Hwy. #1 Firehouse and Overpass, efforts to divert the mud and material from that menacing gouge, that 1st appeared from the last Deluge of Dec. 2005, have never been to the satisfaction of all that live in the Down flow of Easkoot Creek. Tonight and Friday Night will see if the effort to minimally dredge and clean the Creek bed and Banks of Easkoot Creek of sediment, rocks, foliage and dead trees are enough to keep the expected mega flow of water and material from damaging the bridges and overflowing the banks of Easkoot and Arroyo. A 5″ Mega Rain is expected, in the next two days, with possible hurricane force winds atop Mt Tamalpais, down here at the foot of the Sacred Mount, be prepared for fierce winds and lots of water. The World at Peace Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed and Breakfast and the Stinson Beach Motel will have limited lodging available at Winter Rates for those who reside, on the West Side of Easkoot Creek and Bolinas, that may not want to chance the possibility of being cut off by Creek Overflow, overflow of Bolinas Lagoon over newly retrofitted Arroyo and/or the potential High Tide/Wave Action flooding of Wharf Road and the Bolinas Y. Their phone no. and websites are, 415 868-1034 or 868-9828,, 415 868-1712. Hot Meals will be available at the Redwoods, precluding flooding or accidents on site, donations of electric cords/generators/rain suits/foodstuffs/dry clothing-blankets/kayaks or small craft may be made at the Redwoods to be parceled out to those who may be in need. The Redwoods Haus, also has tenants that can respond as independent contractors/laborers with trucks for hauling, cleaning up debris.
Tradesmen, laborers, trucks, relocation, local media info. flow, information on the status of the Creek, Hwy. #1, Potential flooding of the Bolinas Y, Bolinas, Muir Beach, Pass ability of Panoramic and Hwy.1 conditions, Easkoot Creek Slide/Deluge, Pacific High Tide/Waves can be garnered by calling the SBChamber of Commerce, Minister of Info., 415 868-1330,, also see the Stinson Beach Community News Site, The Chamber is ideally located, close to the Command Center of the SBVFD Hwy. #1 Firehouse, the SBCommunity Center and the SBCommunity Church, where the CHP, MCSheriffs Dept., GGNRA, Mt Tamalpais State Personnel will be available for info. gathering on the current conditions/update, that info will be passed onto callers as well as to the Media. Please, be alert, be aware, of overhead electrical lines, sandbag low lying doors and entrances, remove unfettered materials from roofs, plywood windows and glass doors facing West if needed, latch down all windows, have rubber boots and raincoats, generators, electric cords, full gas cans, flash lights, cover exterior firewood supplies, candles, dry matches…What have I missed? Please R.S.V.P.

We survived at the World at Peace, Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed & Breakfast Inn n Stinson Beach, Ca. 94970. The Worst of the Storm Weather has passed, we are still above water, have guests-Highlander Series Script Writer from Paris/. Province, Persian Bahia Faith Beautiful Single Lady, Swedish Osteopath studying with Charles Ridley [Famous Muir Beach Brain Wave Homeopath], Latina from Las Vegas, Chef that cooked at the Little Rock Governor Mansion for then Guv Bill Clinton, otherwise, waiting for more. WE need Heinz 44; got any more imported Fiat Cabriolets from Ca. lately? Hows the weather in Germany? Your business, building, lady? Hope to see you in the New Year, see what the Redwoods Haus, looked like in 2002, brought to you by RoadRunner Magazine; we hosted them, a biker magazine group from No. Carolina and Germany, they complimented us, by inclusion in an article, of their Road .