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The Joint Command Forgot to Clean up Slide Ranch Beach!

Friday, December 14th, 2007

      I called MCSO-OES talked to Officer Bailey to report the need to clean up the Slide Ranch, Red Rock and intervening beaches, nooks and crannies of the immediate coastline.  I also sent out dozens of emails, made calls to the Treasure Island Joint Command, GGNRA-Naar, others, media……My immediate concern was for the children’s groups( Rebecca and staff as well) from local Bay Area Schools that visit Slide to view the alternative organic methods of producing bug resistant crops program..  My criticism of the 1st Response, Obrien Group, is unwarranted, there is obviously a bigger problem, here, basically the Obrien Group has too much of a demand, no matter how many men they throw at the problem…Remember, the Beach Volunteer Cleanup Program Certification Limitation, only good for S.F. or Marin  County Beaches?  Why not propose, to delegate the easier to access Marin County Beaches of Stinson, Muir?, Bolinas, Point Reyes to the Beach Volunteers under the direction of the MCFD, keep the Obrien Groups Contractors focused on the Federal and State Beaches, Bolinas Lagoon, Esteros, Tomales Bay and the difficult to reach nooks and crannies of the Coastline?  The Obrien Group has the resources and coordination with the SCAT Teams, Coast Guard, specialized and equipped services (jet ski search teams, CG helicopter rappel teams) to get at the hard to access areas, to get the job done…The Beach Volunteers need more instructors to meet the demand of the many, that want to receive the training necessary to continue the periodical cleanup of the County Beaches, which will need continuous maintenance, from the low and high tide and SW Winds dumping of more toxic/hazardous oil from the SF Bay Oil Spill, that is off the Coast both West and South or exiting from the SF Bay.
     One of the reasons that the MCFD has volunteers calling the Hotline No., for volunteer beach training classes, is too screen the callers for a limited no. that the training class can accommodate. The MCFD expects too many volunteers (SF had 1500 show up for a class limited to 150), the class size is required to have a 1-10 ratio of MC Fire Dept personnel to volunteers, during volunteer class instruction.  I do not feel that the ratio of 1-10 is warranted, the MCFD personnel at the last meeting, many of which I know, from daily contact, were not needed at the class.  The Training Class, was attended by many professionals and well meaning inhabitants of SW/West Marin..What are they there for, Crowd Control?  Potential Violence/Terrorist Attack?  Heart Attacks or Renal Failure?  OD’s.?  Our public School classes of children do not have a ratio, of 1-10, teachers/students, if they did, all of our children, would have Straight A’s. Lets modify the rules, screen potential volunteers, through the hotline, but accept more volunteers, expand the class size, weather permitting[set up a tent or shelter cover, better yet, an auditorium].  Open the instruction for all to attend, filter out those, who are obviously not physically/mentally suited for the task of cleaning the beaches, somewhat similar to FDRS Depression Era, Civil Works Program, take advantage of the Positive
      SF Bay Area Community Spirit. The major amount of oil sludge has been removed, there can be a level of protection, afforded, the volunteers, forward cleanup teams wearing Hazmet suits, consisting of 20 or more experienced cleanup individuals, can precede a much larger group, less protected, no hazmet suits, wearing gloves and rubber boots, that can pickup/strain smaller bits of flotsam and jetsam, oil debris, separated by time schedules, under supervision. Muir Beach is open to the public, is the public required to wear hazmet suits to use the beach? Even though, hazardous oil is still making beach fall, requiring maintenance cleanup.  The Obrein Group, went back to Muir, yesterday morn, cleaning the little and big beaches, a day after the beach was open to the public.  Prepare for another more limited email, in reference to the funding needs of the West/SW Merchants Meeting, to be continued…