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“Taxi on Duty in Stinson”

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

Article from the Point Raise Light newspaper.

West Marin Taxi, a cab company serving southwest Marin County, could see its first runs next week. Or maybe next month. Even company founder John Posadas, 61, can’t say exactly when the keys to the one-car fleet will be turned with paying customers in tow.

His initial startup date of June 1 has come and gone. The reason for the delay, he said, is that tourism in the area is flagging. And then there’s the $1200 in insurance that hasn’t been paid. But money isn’t a problem, Posadas said. Neither is money the only motive behind the company.

“It’s an outreach,” Posadas said. “I hope to eventually bring in enough capital to file as a nonprofit. My outreach is not only to alleviate accidents, to pick up people under the influence of alcohol, but also to provide a service for shut-ins, the elderly.”

Posadas’ visions for West Marin Taxi are lofty. He said he works with a nonprofit called Respect for Your Elders, and with them wants to provide low-cost rides to and from food pantries. He wants handicapped people—Posadas himself has a debilitating disease for which he wears a bulky metal knee brace—to call him to help streamline their transportation.

The impetus for the cab company came in 1993. Posadas, who suffers from benign but painful tumors in his spine and adrenal glands, and who is hypoglycemic, was prescribed conflicting medications for his conditions. He awoke one night feeling woozy and couldn’t lift the phone to call for help. He fell into a coma. Though help arrived, Posadas nearly died.

“I was aware of the ascension at a very atrociously fast speed” while in the ambulance, he said. “I came up on top of a cumulus and saw the great energy cloud.”

Because of the coma, Posadas was found unfit to drive and lost his license, though he has since regained it and said he has never had an accident. Yet from 1993 to 1995, he had to hitchhike from Mill Valley to his office in Stinson Beach. He learned firsthand that a lack of affordable transportation can make it daunting to get from point A to point B.

“I started this company because of the disparity of service out here,” Posadas said.
Rates for West Marin Taxi will be: $1.90 initial fare, $3 per mile and a flat rate of $30 per hour. Posadas’ son Marius and business partner Manual Urritia are co-owners. Posadas expects to get a handicapped-accessible cab donated through the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Elderly and Disabled Advisory Committee.

Taxi requests for West Marin Taxi (WMT) can be made to (415) 868.1330, 868.1034 or 868.9828. You can also book online taxi requests at

Revenue Loss Adjustment, Favorable Publicity & Beach Reopening

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Thought Train:

  • I have been out there in the field seeking out business owners with a gripe. Most, I think are too shell shocked, numb, calloused from red tape with no return, and from years of hardship on the Coast or life in the U.S., that they do not want to put in the time or are fatalistic, that there is no hope of succeeding. Others are hopeful, and want the benefit of a meeting to discuss as well as be informed of the revenue loss adjustment as well as the need for positive publicity and beach reopening, to bring back the crowds[I am not sure, of the no.s, and the location necessary to have them show up to. Pelican Inns night bartender offered their facility, but I have not had the time to hook up with the manager. A problem is that it is located too far south for Bo and West Marin Merchants. Considering the SBCCenter, a problem is that it disassociates disassociates Stinson Merchants, The Bo Firehouse is too small (my bias) if there was a big turnout, sugestions desired].
  • Thanksgiving Week looks good, for most, due to prior bookings/rentals and family commitments, but that is only 1 week in an otherwise tourist/beachgoer/ surfer/windsurfer/surf kite absent business environment, which last week proved. I shudder at the responsibility, of bringing together all the elements of time, headache, and backbitin. I have many irons in the fire, I am still trying to batten down the hatches for the winter. This event had nothing to do with the Winter Season, which still needs attending too. As does, the gathering of intelligence, writing and emailing the SBCCommerce SW Newsletter,, the work of the Stinson Beach Chamber of Commerce,, 415 868-1330. I was also trying to coordinate w Dave Cort [impacted by huge no.s of Bo and West Marin residents, living on a shoestring] San Geronimo Cultural Center, to participate in the distribution of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday Cheer[Food and Gifts], but that project has been tabled indefinitely. Still, I have my immediate expanding SW Marin Family of indigents to look out for, rehab, vocationally instruct and place in housing/medical needs/food and clothing. If and when, a meeting is convened, it is not going to be this week.
  • I have been looking for new blood to carry on the fight. Right now there are no takers. They are either hitting the bottle, which doesn’t affect my attitude, or decided there is too much hassle and not enough time… who cares? That’s SW Marin Business attitude.
  • There are 3 business centers for sale in Stinson, the Post Office Complex, the complex that houses the Video Store-gym-Hwy.#1 R.E., (rumor has it that one of the restaurants is for sale here in Stinson Beach, Kendrick Rands lot next to the Stinson Beach Motel is for sale) and Ocean Court is in the process of becoming a Tenants in common investment. Does that say something? Looks like a bailout, beginning of a run on the bank. Factors include: due to age of owners; speculation cashing out; satisfying creditors and shared beneficiaries in estate; location in the path of Easkoot Creek and the flood plain as well as location too close to the Bolinas Lagoon. (Hmmm? Global Warming… Ha! Ha!) Get the Drift? That was Stinson… Bo is always a tough nut to crack, and the commercial district is barely above the waterline; the Blue Heron owner had put it up for sale/closed the business. Muir has only the Pelican, legally, the lodging community does not want to rise above the surface.
  • If I have to drag them screaming and hollering to the water trough, that takes two good legs, I only have one, the other needs a titanium implant. Otherwise, I attended the trainers class for County Beach Volunteers, Sat. morn, with Marin Co. Board of Supervisors, Susan Adams, well as Muir Beach Fire Chief James Sword, and 30-40 well meaning members of the SW and West Marin Community who were frustrated with the protocol of the 1st RESPONSE and Obrien Group. It is taught by a member of the EPA, crisis management of the joint management group, and is 4 hr Training Course limited to County Beaches and S.F. County and not qualified for State and Federal Jurisdiction. Today, we may be going out at 9a.m., to pick up Crude Oil Balls along the shoreline, in a hasmet suit? Where? It is to be determined by Deputy Chief, Marin County Fire Dept., Sr. Rich Lopez, (meeting at Bo Fire Dept. Sounds a little familiar?) Your subreporter, echoes my experience. She’s a good head, responsible, dedicated, flexable, compassionate, fun, as well as an idea person, and recognizes Genius! Ha! Ha! If I only had 8 hands. Thanks to the staff of the Bolinas Fire Dept, BoFireChief Anita Brown..for hosting Beach Cleanup Seminar.Minister of Info., SBCCommerce, John Posadas,, 415 868-1330, see the Stinson Beach Community Network Site, Funded and Supported by the World at Peace, Redwoods Haus-Beach, Bed and Breakfast in Stinson Beach,, 415 868-1034.
  • Update: Talked with Rebecca Ramirez, Secretary for Slide Ranch, 2025 Shoreline Hwy. #1, 415 3816155, under the jurisdiction of the GGNRA..NO ONE has showed up to the beach area, of Slide Ranch to pick up the dead birds and oil globules littering the beach..HMMM! Sounds like a miscalculation, omission, error, business as usual attitude of the 1st Response, OBrien Group…Can we please take care of our business environments, in SW Marin, including Red Rock Beach and the countless beaches and nooks and crannies of the Coastline, where oil and dead birds have washed up during High Tide, only to wash out to sea during low tide, to be deposited in the next high tide cycle on the easier accessible cleaned  open/to reopen beaches of Stinson, Muir,
    Bolinas and our
    Beloved Bolinas Lagoon, N and S of Slide Ranch.
  • Update: Yesterday, I called the financial arm of the OBrien Group, was not able to get in touch with the manager, but left a message with one of the subordinates.  The purpose for the call, was to ask for financial support to pay for the use of the Stinson Beach Community Center (SBCCenter Manager, Mary Greenwood, 415 868-1444, offered the center for the meeting, she may be unaware of bylaws, but it would prove embarrassing if Chris Harrington or Scott Tye, Cochairs SBVA, canceled meeting at last minute, using bylaws as reason), food and beverages, set up help for the West/SW Marin Meeting, which is required by the By Laws of the Stinson Beach Community Center and SBVA, no free use of the center for out of town residents/merchants .  I did not receive a callback, I assume, that I will not receive a call.  Can you contact the OBrien Financial Manager/ intercede or is there a MC County fund that is setup to pay for such a necessary event. OBrien Group phone numbers, 415 398-9617 main office, 415 398-9612  Financial. Called again, was told the Liaison of the Joint Command would return my phone call, they did not get my phone no….Ha! ha!  
  • Update: Effects of Bolinas Meeting-this Nov. 18th Sat. 9a.m.-1p.m. EPA is offering a course, “Trainers Trainer” , at the Bolinas Firehouse 9a.m.-1a.m.  Open to all those who wish to volunteer for fuel oil toxic cleanup also training interested volunteers…Noon Monday, I received info that NW Winds blew Sunday Night and Monday Morning, all the surface fuel oil south to beaches from S.F. to Half Moon Bay and beyond.  As such, there was no reason to redeploy protective defective rented containment boom, across BoLagoon.  Given notice, that there would be a meeting at the Bolinas Firehouse, at 7p.m. Monday Night, to review the event protocol set up to protect the Coastline and BoLagoon from oil spill and whether it followed through in this case.