Spencer, Poster Boy for the Marin County Trash Summit

November 6th, 2017


Trash Summit was Inspiring & Inspirational for our Prince of Recycle Pick

Spencer is our pick for the Recycle Prince of the Year, we are happy that you met him and his Mom, Lisa Nuss, at the Trash Summit! Every morn, he’s up early, to reconfigure trash in our cans, as well as the SB Community Center. Trash sorting in the Recycle Containers, picking up debris both human and environmental on the street. Afterwards, he joins our guests at the breakfast tables(3 of them), introducing himself, telling them about the need to protect the environment grounds and streets by being aware of their discards. He offers to bus their breakfast plates, sorting and depositing the leftovers, in the appropriate receptacles, teaching all the importance of paying attn to detail. Later removing the protective receptacle bags, once again depositing in the outside recycle containers. Often he recounts for all his adventures of the prior Wednesday early hr. self monitoring the garbage truck pickups of the Recycle Containers along Hwy. 1, Arenal, Calle del Mar and Buena Vista. How the robot arms of the trucks are more or less efficient, sometimes breaking off the lids of or another of the different receptacles, Green Waste, Human Waste, Recycle. He makes note of the addresses, where bins have lost lids due to problems developed while they were lifted, tells the Hispanic operators, who promptly report, that a replacement can is needed to thier appropriate logistics and supply clerks. No one, wants to get on his radar as being anti-waste/recycle.
After his two to three hr. volunteering, his mother, a single parent, takes him to their room, where she presides over his home school education. A trip to the library, when it is open, is part of his lesson plans, where he learns how to research as well as studies, there and in his room. Mom, does her own assignments and research working off site, doing legal briefs and editing legal papers over the INTERNET on her laptop.
Home school lets out around 4 p.m., everyday, where after, Spencer with Mom in tow, walks to the beach with his ever present bags to gather garbage left by beach goers, engaging children and adults as how they can properly dispose of their trash. He comes back with reusable items such as beach towels, shoes and clothes, which I wash to deposit in the Bolinas Freebox, for those less fortunate. Other items like CRV bottles, cans and plastic, that he finds displaced, on the streets, he saves, to be taken for to a CRV center, where the proceeds, are used to buy him needed items, shoes, bags, gloves, etc. He is definitely elevated, reminds me, of the parallel story of Johnny Appleseed, who sowed the seeds of apples, along the Appalachian Trail. He magnifies happiness at a job well done, wants to be a garbage collector when he is of age. Wants all people to reduce their carbon footprint by giving back, at least by sorting their garbage for their recycle benefits. Age 9 educating all to the Call!  We all are so happy he has been here at our inn, the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Inn, www.redwoodshaus.com, 415 868-1034 or 868-0212. This child is deserving of the benefits of our society, a good education, housing, a chance to expose others to his agenda, being a speaker on plural campuses, both elementary and high school, on the cinema or TV(KQED, educational tv)would be inspirational, for others his own age, younger or older. He is a child that any parent would want their children exposed to, intelligent, compassionate, caring and passionate for his mother, recycling and his future as a garbage person. We know he is shooting low, he is a perfect candidate for civil service, a yet as un named post as Waste Czar! Sorry, I missed the Trash Summit, I was to caught up in the vagaries of my business. But, Spencer and Lisa, have been telling me of what went on, the information they were exposed to, who they met, Supervisor Rodini and all the devoted personages at the Trash Summit!  Thank you!

Margaret Clayton

Proprietor www.redwoodshaus.com

415 868-1034 or 868-0212

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Clapp, Angela <AClapp@marincounty.org>
Date: Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 4:05 PM
Subject: Clean Marin Trash Summit

Hello Clean Marin interested party,

Thank you for your interest in the Clean Marin coalition, and for making our inaugural Trash Summit a success! A big thanks to the speakers, table groups, and passionate attendees and volunteers. I hope you enjoyed this event and found new ways you can get involved to reduce trash in our communities.

I have attached the handouts from the event for your information.  If you did not have a chance to fill out the Exit Survey, I encourage you to complete it and return to me. This will help us connect you to other people, groups, and Action Teams that line up with your anti-trash interests. Additionally, if you know of groups or individuals who are interested in joining the Clean Marin coalition, please forward this information to them so they can indicate their interest.

You will hear from us in the coming year if you expressed interest on the Exit Survey in forming action teams or starting your own Clean group. In the meantime you can take a look at the Clean Marin website, which has info about each Clean Marin group and templates for Adopt A Spot and Clean Business Programs, or contact a Clean group directly to get involved in scheduled cleanups. Also, there is an upcoming Tarp Your Load event on November 16 – please contact Howard Bunce at HBunce@marincounty.org if you’re interested to volunteer.

Trash is a big issue, and we all can make a difference to reduce trash in our communities and environment. Thanks for being involved. I look forward to working together towards a Clean Marin!
.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   

Angela Clapp, CPSWQ
Engineering Technician III

Marin County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program
County of Marin
Department of Public Works
3501 Civic Center Drive, Suite 304
San Rafael, CA 94903
415 473 3202 T



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It came happen here!

November 3rd, 2017

Ideas, Causes, Aberrant Behaviors spread Coast to Coast! What happened in NY this week, can happen here! An attacker inspired by Issis or Road Rage, can reap havoc on our bicyclist frequented roadways! What protection has been afforded bunched bicyclists on our roadways from vehicles driven by a, “lone wolf”, intent on maiming, crippling and killing Californians? Have we not just been affected by a errant hit and run motorist that mowed down 3 bicyclists along the Point Reyes-Petaluma roadway? What were his motives? Was he inebriated? Was,”Road Rage”,  a factor”? Is he considered a, “lone wolf”? What has been learned in NY is not being employed here, that is for sure! In NY, the authorities are employing more safety measures to insure the public, walkers and bicyclists that their paths are not more accessible to motorists. By placing rocks and barriers on those paths, making it more difficult for vehicle access. That can’t be done on our roadways, as they exist now! But, future bike paths and existing multi use ones in Tiburon and along the Bay can be improved upon. Here, the Bicycle Coalition, the recipient of monies donated by bicyclists for the Bicycle Marathon that took place, that resulted in the hit and run, has lobbied for a higher bail for the culprit, after the fact. A 21 yr old, born and raised in MC, released from his job at the MC Water District, whose family bailed him at 50K, then re-bailed him at 200K. Is that enough? Why does not the MC Bicycle Coalition insure its cadre, that counter measures and bicycle protocol, will change to meet future threats to bicycle riding? How about informing their paying constituency, that they should be aware of traffic and the possibility of a “lone wolf” or Isis inspired attacker? No longer should they bunch up in groups of bicyclists, making themselves an easy target for a fiend intent on maximizing body count! Wear protective rotating helmet cameras(be able to view those images), rear view mirrors, communication gear to coordinate with other bicyclists on the same roadway, bicycle path or combined multi use pathways. We know, that costs more money for expensive gear, but that should be embraced by the Bicycle Industrial Complex and its appendages, it only means more, $, to be siphoned from the public. You never know, advert a multiple fatality event like those that took place this last week in NY or happened here, recently, near the Nicasio Reservoir, w/o fatalities. What is the use of a Bicycle Coalition unless it protects its members before a catastrophe, afterwards, is too late for those whose lives have been lost or bodies crippled! What does it take to understand, common sense? Not a commercial bicycle industrial lobbyist, vested interest group, think tank, bicycle coalition, hired MC professional experts/consultants (how many of those nameless unproductive sycophants do we have at the County Civic Center) or vaunted spokesperson, just a simple community commerce minded business person and parent to mountain bike enthusiasts.
–Moderator, Stinson Beach Community Network

May 27th, 2009

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March Bodega Harbor News letter

March 6th, 2009


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SW Marin’s need to be informed: Marin Clean Energy Initiative.

December 8th, 2008

MC President of the BOS Supervisor Charles and Dave, thanks for the timely responses, it was informative listening to your perspectives on this issue. Dave Rubins patient candid response, to Supervisor McGlashan, was gentlemanly and cautious(a discourse between friends?), maintaining that P.G.& E. is the practical pick for managing/maintaining the current status of energy providing. Charles presentation, idealistic, fueled with democratic ideals and proposing expanded local government control to maximize clean energy choice. There was division in the audience, that either supported the P.G.& E. perspective, in my words, “Why replace something, which is not broken”? Or, Charles position, creating a JPA, to declare M.C. energy users freedom, to buy from alternative clean energy sources. I want to keep my options open, tend to desire to deal with a known entity, with community involvement to realize the agenda, of the Marin Clean Energy Initiative, deriving energy from alternative clean energy suppliers, bringing down energy rates & expenses, modifying the County Carbon Footprint. Working with two agencies, giving a JPA, free reign to make financial decisions for energy sources, as well as 2% of the $100 Million Yearly Energy Expense for administration costs, is a proposal w/o further information that is difficult to understand how that would cut the cost of energy bills. The proposed Initiative, use of clout, by the public, should spur P.G.& E., to incorporate the ideals behind this M.C.E.I. or else suffer the cash flow loss to a competing Marin Clean Energy Czar.

Please send me the site addresses for P.G.& E’s & the Marin Clean Energy Initiative Perspectives. Support for the implementation of a branch of County bureaucracy affecting local energy use, is not a sought alternative. AWMT has experienced the shortcomings and biases of, the MC Taxi Regulation Program JPA, which is administered by well intentioned bureaucrats, that have no hands on experience in the field( the MC TRP JPA staffed by biannually rotated/lower salaried professional cab drivers and owners is a competent & efficient alternative to run the MC TRP). I have not received any inquiries from the SBVA co chairs, as to interest on this issue. This last Sat., the proactive SBVA hosted a town hall meeting, Chaired by MC Supervisor Steve Kinsey, it concerned the interwoven jurisdiction of the LCP, Ca. State Coastal Plan and the Coastal Commission, impact & regulation of the Coastal Communities. Last month, it was a SBVA Town Hall Meeting update on the unique SB & Bolinas Lagoon Flood Issue & Emergency Response, also chaired by MC Supervisor Steve Kinsey & coordinated by the SBVA Co-Chairs, Chris Harrington & Scott Tye. If they do not follow up on this issue immediately, that is due to these and other issues affecting the SBV Community, requiring attention. . I will continue to get the word out, to other community leaders in SW Marin(that control the facilities and manpower to schedule a meeting in their respective communities on this most important issue), aware of this correspondence, by Bcc, including your email addresses. As well as post to the Stinson Beach Community News Site, www.stinson-beach.net . to distribute this information to its readers. .
On another note. Please Link to the Stinson Beach Redwoods Haus Inn Site, www.stinson-beach.com , 415 868-1034, 868-9828, your support is welcome. ….The Recession does not Discriminate……

John Z. Posadas lll

415 868-1330
Agenda: To Bring an Accessible Taxi To West Marin

SBCCommerce Change Advocate
See the Stinson Beach Community News Site
Member: Marin Coalition + SBVA
+ Respecting our Elders-Outreach Voluteer

Support Acknowledgment:
SB Redwoods Haus Inn
415 868-1034 or 868-9828

Stinson Beach Books listing update – GSA Buyers Guide

November 22nd, 2008

Listing ID:A2223399459

Complete and update information to list Stinson Beach Books, as a supplier available for GSA bid and sales opportunities in the 2008/9 GSA Buyers Guide. The information on your company and products will be accessed by GSA and military purchasing agents and buying facilities.

Please complete and submit before 11/05/2008 or you will not be listed.

Please click below to complete and update your information (you may have to copy and paste it into your browser):

The GSA Buyers Guide is published by Federal Buyers Guide Inc., a private sector organization that has provided vendor information to the government for over 30 years. If you have any questions regarding pricing or information required to list, please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Steve Clark
Vendor Listing Coordinator
GSA Buyers Guide
1(805)963-7470 x13

To opt-out of future advertising offers from us to this email address please click here:
Or contact us by calling the above number; or writing to:
Federal Buyers Guide,
228 West Carrillo Street,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

October 31st – Deadline for 2009 Honoree Nominations

October 4th, 2008

October 31st – Deadline for 2009 Honoree Nominations
Celebrated During Women’s History Month ~ March 26, 2009

On March 26, 2009, MARIN WOMEN’S HALL OF FAME (MWHF) will induct the 97TH, 98TH, 99TH, 100TH & 101ST HONOREE at their annual Gala Celebration and Ceremony, at Embassy Suites, San Rafael. MWHF was the first organization in Marin County to identify and honor women of high achievement. Since 1987, MWHF has recorded their biographies, displayed their portraits and in some cases written their amazing stories back into history.

Extraordinary women have always made a huge contribution to the quality of life, the culture, mores and even the landscape of Marin County. They are the business and community leaders, the people who make the non-profit world so meaningful and important; the educators, scientists, health and medical professionals, artists, athletes, religious and spiritual leaders, authors, environmentalists, public affairs specialists and advocates for social change. They are the women who have given their energy and talents to make the world a better place. It is time for their HERstory to be told so they can receive the appreciation and acknowledgment they so richly deserve.

You know them…please tell the world about these women and why they are so important!

The deadline to submit a nomination for an outstanding Marin County woman to be considered as a candidate for the Marin Women’s Hall of Fame 2009 Awards Ceremony, is October 31, 2009.

The Nomination Forms can be downloaded from the Hall of Fame website and must be postmarked no later than 10/31/08. A confidential Selection Committee will review each candidate and select 4-5 women to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at a Gala Celebration during Women’s History Month, March 26, 2009. One posthumous Honoree may be included.


For additional information, please call:
(V) 415-455-4900 or
(H) 415-382-0924

Marin County Employer Transportation Survey

October 4th, 2008

Greetings Marin County Chambers:

In an effort to provide more targeted services, 511 Rideshare is conducting a survey in coordination with the Transportation Authority of Marin. The survey is geared to gauge what type of employee transportation assistance and information Marin County employers are interested in receiving. We would greatly appreciate your help in distributing this survey to your membership.

You can review the survey by clicking here . We plan to distribute the survey link to employers next week. Please let me know if you have any questions and if you are willing to distribute this survey to your membership. If you need introductory text to include in an email to members we would be happy to provide something for you.

We appreciate your support in gathering this important information.

Thank you,

Christy Garland
Employer Services Representative
511 Regional Rideshare Program
70 Washington Street
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 273-3628

Shark Sightings in Stinson Beach, a good yarn, to cut down the no.s of cars/traffic flow, to the beach..

October 4th, 2008

You, got to hand it to the GGNRA, transportation staff & Cal Trans Public Information Spokesperson BoB Haus, they finally got it right. The Cal Trans digital readout signs, saying, “Parking Lots Full, at the Beach”, 511 transportation Blurbs saying that the Muir Woods & Stinson Beach Parking Lots were full, newsmedia cautions, packed shuttles/buses/awestmarintaxi/ West Marin Stagecoach, Hwy.#1 & Panoramic Hwy Gridlock, have not deterred a glut of visitors in too many cars, overuse/debris of the beaches and parks in the GGNRA, State Parks, County Area of West Marin and the Hwy. 1 & Panoramic Communities of SW and West Marin…But a, “Great White Shark Sighting”, verifiable by only two distinctly separate viewers, on two different dates, sure did…I wonder, if there would be as much credibility and reaction, by the GGNRA, if there were two separate sightings on MT TAM, of, “UFO’s”, unverified by supporting public or officialdom. Would they close the top of Mt Tam, to the public, due to possible, “Alien Abduction”. Give me a break, GGNRA, you plagiarized my idea, how to limit Gridlock, too many beach/park/Hwys. 1 & Panoramic users on a Indian Summer Heated Fire Prone Weekend.. How would our 1st Responder Serices reach an emergency need, if the Hwy’s would have been gridlocked this, ” Labor Day”. I have not done an indepth analysis, of the loss of income, from the businesses here in SW Marin, from the, “Lack of Gridlock”, this last weekend, but feel it is safe to say, that no one loss, money. The usual spenders, were here, having made plans well in advance, most of which, do not care, if they can’t wade in the water, they never do anyway..Most of the dropoff, was felt by the surfboard & related equipment, surf specialty businesses. People still ate, drank, rented rooms, awestmarintaxi, took the shuttle & West Marin Stagecoach..albeit awestmarintaxi, did not have as many calls as July 4th, but it was smooth sailing on our SW Marin 2 laners for once..a welcome relief, free from burning brake and car exhaust toxicity.

Nonprofit Green Event

August 19th, 2008

Green Note Fest to celebrate largest solar installation in West Marin, raise funds to green the San Geronimo Valley Community Center Arts & environment showcase highlights “eco-music” & “recycled art” San Geronimo – The community will gather at the Green Note Festival on Saturday, August 23rd from 2-8pm to raise funds to green the operations of the San Geronimo Valley Community Center and in celebration of the historic new solar installation on the Lagunitas School campus where the Community Center is located. “We’re so excited about the impact the new panels will make and our initiative to further green the Community Center,” says Event Programmer Hannah Doress, who is also an Environmental Leadership Program Senior Fellow, “We’ve tried to add a new dimension with this event – to highlight how performing and visual artists are responding positively to the environmental challenges we face as a community.” The event will focus on the arts through “eco-music”, “recycled art” and interactive arts activities, as well as providing a variety of activities of wide interest such as workshops, tours, organic food and a green marketplace.
The festival, which is the brainchild of Doress and West Marin renewable energy expert and rock musician Peter Asmus (Space Debris), will be held at the San Geronimo Valley Community Center, 6350 Sir Francis Drake Blvd in San Geronimo. The public may go to www.sgvcc.org and click on arts & events for tickets and further information.
The solar system that is being celebrated, the largest that West Marin has ever seen, was made possible by a collaboration between Solar Power Partners, which owns and manages the system, Borrego Solar which designed and installed it, and the Lagunitas School District which will receive the resulting electricity at reduced rates and share these savings with its tenant, The Community Center. The panels are currently in operation and will provide approximately 65% of the power for both school and Community Center. Community members can learn more about Solar Power Partners, Borrego Solar and the new solar installation by visiting their tables in the green marketplace and by attending the panel discussion on new models of solar development. Seven musical acts who have been inspired by the environment, from rock to folk to children’s music will take the stage (listed in reverse order):
· Headlining the Eco-music showcase is the Tom Finch Group (TFG) whose leader is known as a Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame guitar virtuoso who also plays with Big Brother and the Holding Company. TFG plays original
music blending reggae, latin, world, jazz, rock, country & hip-hop.
· The Rebecca Riots, a top national folk act called “Best band with a conscience” (Bay Guardian), will also be part of the crescendo of the day bringing their environmental and social messages out with three-part harmonies, guitar, mandolin and harmonica.
· Retro psychedelic rock ‘n roll outfit Space Debris will riff on the need for cleaner power, among other issues, messages powered by player Peter Asmus, an influential local expert on solar power. With national airplay on David Gans’ show, they were a hit at The Whole Earth Festival.
· Singing Bear has been called “about as funky as you can get with
an acoustic guitar” by the Athens News, and has been a favorite at the Harmony, Raw Spirit and Dreamtime Festivals. His message of sustainability,
co-existence & love is paired with “world tribal folk jazz fusion”.
· Paul Berensmeier, co-founder of environmental nonprofit Wilderness Way will perform Native American Flute inspired by the Valley environment. He is the first person to pass the world renowned R. Carlos Nakai’s flute test in 16 years and has played a large concert with him.
· High school band Animal Instincts has played the Fairfax Festival and San Rafael Farmers’ Market. They play “hard acoustic funk rock” that brings divergent acts like Bela Fleck & Primus to mind. The band includes Cullen Gray (who has opened for Youtube star Trace Bundy) , Emiliano Flowerman and Riley Stockton. Gray will play his composition “Wilderness Way”.
· Leading off the show is exciting new children’s music and puppetry act Let’s Go Green supporting their eponymous CD. Featuring a Grammy-nominated songwriter, a member of award-winning a cappella group About Face, and the founders of Catsville Recordings & Jazzbeaux Studio, they “inspire young minds to go green through music, fun and laughter”.
In the Community Center’s West Room, “Talkin’ Trash: recreating art” will be an exhibit and sale of art made entirely from materials that would
otherwise be discarded, It features notable local artists such as Karyn Klinger (collection of Bonnie Raitt, etc.), cutting-edge recycling artist Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang (Electric Works Gallery), Victoria Saxe, Frank Gonzales, Sean Sullivan, Molly Rea, Danielle Fogel, Al Ardelle, Philip Wadsworth, Janet Hughes, Jenny Hunter Groat, Susan LaCroix, Debra Amerson and others. Sales of the art will benefit the greening of the Community Center. Workshops will take place on topics such as new models in solar development, the proposed Marin Clean Energy plan, plastics, reducing your footprint, as well as others TBA. SPAWN will lead two tours of the rainwater harvesting project at the school garden next door to the Community Center. Interactive activities geared towards young children led by the Community Center School Readiness Program and for tweens and teens led by the Community Center Youth Center as well as those geared towards adults will take place at various times throughout the day. In addition toys for young children to play with will also be available onsite and the venue is adjacent to two playgrounds.
A green marketplace will highlight the work of environmental organizations and businesses and will include affordably priced local, organic meals
and snacks from Catherine Broomhead and West Marin Green Cuisine, sponsored by Marin Sun Farms. Free valet bicycle parking will be provided by the Marin County Bicycle Coalition. Solar Power Partners, Borrego Solar and Marin Municipal Water District have sponsored the Community Center’s Green Note Festival, generouslysupporting this benefit for the San Geronimo Valley Community Center’s initiative to green its operations. Because of the sponsorships, the event will offer free admission for children 12 and under. Tickets for youth 13-21 will be $5 (in advance and at the door). Advance tickets for adults are significantly discounted at $12 versus $15-25 sliding scale at the door. Tickets may be purchased at http://www.sgvcc.org/artsevents/centerevents.html.

Green Note Festival Energy Panel Schedule 2:30 – 3:20 New Models of Solar Energy Development
1) Jerry Lunsford (2:30) – “Solar Safety Net” at Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station Jerry installed the nation’s first “Solar Safety Net” at the Dance Palace Community Center this past May-June 2008. The hybrid AC/DC solar PV array will allow this disaster relief site to provide basic services for the surrounding community during times of extended power outages
2) Kevin Gage – (2:40) Borrego Solar: Community Centers in San Geronimo & Stinson Beach Kevin will describe the installation challenges with the 58 kW ground-mounted solar PV array for the Lagunitas School District/San Geronimo Valley Community Center. He will also describe his company’s community-based solar incentive program for West Marin to help fund a solar PV array at the Stinson Beach Community Center.
3) Todd Michaels – (2:50) Solar Power Partners: The Power Purchase Agreement Model Todd will describe the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) approach to financing of large solar PV arrays, such as the 58 kW system installed for the Lagunitas School District/San Geronimo Valley Community Center. The PPA model allows those without sufficient capital to enjoy benefits of solar energy and was employed in 60 percent of all non-residential installations of solar PV systems in 2007. 3:30- 4:20: Greening Local Power with Marin Clean Energy
1) Dawn Weisz (3:30) — Marin County: Marin Clean Energy Overview/Status
Report Dawn will provide an overview of “Marin Clean Energy,” a program that would allow Marin County to eventually obtain 100 percent of its electricity from renewable energy sources, including providers located within the county’s borders
2) Jim McCray: — (3:40) Infotility: Solar PV, Demand Response and a Smart Grid Jim will describe a federally funded pilot program in Marin County testing how a smarter grid can employ solar power and “demand response” technologies to react to changing grid conditions without centralized control and dispatch.
3) Mark Pasternak – (3:50) Devil’s Gulch Ranch: Role of wind power in West Marin Mark will talk about his experience with small wind turbines at his Nicasio ranch and farm, and provide his views on the role wind power could play in the Nicasio region, perhaps Marin County’s most practical near-term wind power region.